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Turtle Power!

Moses trains with the Turtles

“ It was awesome! ”

- Moses, wish kid

Moses' eyes fixated on the figures before him. The five-year-old's wish to meet the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles was about to come true. He studied every tiny movement, as he waited for the experience of a lifetime. He always said he was a ninja turtle. And now was the time. Moses pulled the blue mask over his eyes and stepped in line to meet his heroes.

“It was awesome,” said Moses.

“It was a huge blessing for our family, but most of all Moses,” said Moses’ mom, Jennafer. “Our favorite part was seeing him meet his favorite ninja hero.”

After an intense round of training, a few games of tag and hide-and-seek, Moses and the turtles dined on their favorite food with a twist- non-dairy pizza.

“Although Moses has had his condition for a while, I think the most he misses is to eat everything,” said Jennafer. “He loves food, but there are so many things he can’t eat.”

Moses wasn’t even one year old when he began dealing with daily struggles of his gastrointestinal disorder. After months of reactions to foods, high levels of anemia, blood transfusions and extreme weight loss, he was diagnosed with the disorder. Iron transfusions, blood transfusions, many procedures, tests and hospital trips are a regular routine for Moses and his family.

It was during an infusion when Moses saw the turtles on TV. At that moment, he knew he was destine to be a turtle.

"He just watched them so closely, he has loved the turtles since he saw them in the hospital,” said Jennafer. “Make-A-Wish brings families together… a time to forget about everything and just enjoy some well-needed family time!”

Make-A-Wish brings families together ... a time to forget about everything and just enjoy some well-needed family time. ”

— Jennafer, Moses mom

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