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Maggie rolls through Michigan with camper

Maggie's Wish

“ Maggie’s wish meant freedom to travel. ”

- Kim, wish mom

As Maggie, 7, and her family rolled into the driveway of General RV, her uncontrollable excitement filled the whole vehicle. When the car finally stopped, she leapt out and screamed at the sight of her new pop-up camper; her wish had come true and her screech of joy let everyone know how happy she was about it.

“When Maggie wished for a camper, we thought there was no way it would happen, but Make-A-Wish® and their amazing employees and volunteers, along with General RV, made it happen,” Maggie’s mom, Kim, said. “Now we can take family vacations and make sweet memories with the camper that we would not have been able to do without Make-A-Wish.”

After undergoing brain surgery and being diagnosed with both a neurological disorder and an uncontrolled seizure disorder, all before the age of three, it’s safe to say that Maggie had no ordinary childhood. Because of her constant seizures, she has had to spend hundreds of hours in physical therapy, causing her to miss out on many childhood activities.

“She has to have a baby monitor on her while she sleeps in case she has a seizure while she sleeps,” Kim said. “She can’t take a shower without an adult in the bathroom, go downstairs by herself, go to friend’s houses to play or have sleep overs. Swimming, horseback riding, bike rides, swinging on swings, climbing on the playscape... it’s all very scary.”

Despite the hardships that Maggie and her family have faced, they try to maintain a positive attitude. The silver lining of Maggie’s diagnosis is that it has brought their family together, making them all very close.

“It has taught us to live life to the fullest and not to take one second for granted,” Kim said. “It makes the good days that much better and brighter. It has brought our family close; we fight this battle together and continue to fight these diseases as a team with Maggie.”  

Maggie enjoys camping and exploring her home state of Michigan, but due to her seizures, it’s not safe for her to tent camp in rural areas overnight. After being introduced to Make-A-Wish Michigan, deciding on a wish was simple. She wished to have a camper, which would allow her to safely travel with her family.

“Maggie’s wish meant freedom to travel as a family in a safe place for her to make many memories,” Kim said.

They spent the first night camping in their front yard and have already enjoyed a few other trips with Maggie’s new camper. The wish has also managed to do the impossible: it brought the family even closer together.

“It has had an amazing impact on Maggie and our entire family in the bonding that we are able to do with taking trips with the camper,” Kim noted.

After receiving her wish, Maggie and her family have been left with a new sense of hope.

“Make-A-Wish gave us a fresh start,” Kim said. “They provided something better than medicine: a lifetime of memories and joy.”

Now we can take family vacations and make sweet memories with the camper that we would not have been able to do without Make-A-Wish. ”

— Kim, wish mom

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