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Jade's wish story through my eyes as her big sister

Jade's wish to have a puppy

“ Her eyes were so full of happiness. ”

- Rubi, wish sister

By Rubi, Wish Sister

I think my mom had known about Jade’s condition since before she was actually born, but I didn’t really understand it until later. All I knew was that she had the same condition as my older brother, which I later discovered was that their livers produce too much cholesterol for their bodies. The day it really hit me was when my sister, now 7, had her operation to insert a fistula into her upper left arm. Seeing her tiny body on the hospital bed with her arm all wrapped up shattered my heart. But she was still smiling.   

I made sure that I had days off from school and work so that I could always go to her hospital appointments. She’s too young to be going through any of this. Jade doesn’t really understand why she needs her treatments, she knows she needs them and that they will help her body, but I think that’s all that we’ve really told her. She’s an incredibly smart girl, and she knows that it’s something serious, so I think she might be afraid to ask.

For Jade’s wish, she wanted a little companion, something that she could take care of. She’s always been so responsible for her age. She wanted something that she could walk and feed and that, in turn, that furry friend will help cheer her up when she may come home from a long appointment or a particularly difficult day. She wanted a Coton de Tulear that had spots on its ears and near its tail so that it would look like Sky from Paw Patrol.

When Jade met her puppy for the first time, her eyes were so full of happiness and innocence like she couldn’t believe that this four-pound ball of fluff was for her. All she wanted to do was hold Sky. I will always remember how Jade held her for the first time and all the light little kisses she gave her on her head.

Jade has always been a somewhat timid person but having Sky has taught her to be a bit more assertive and confident. All it took was telling her new puppy to not eat her sandals for her attitude to completely change. She is so involved with Sky’s care: she knows the feeding routine, when Sky wants to go outside to use the bathroom, and she loves taking her for walks. Sky brings a smile to her face as soon as she wakes up in the morning.

She needed something of comfort and that’s exactly what Sky is – a friend that she takes care of and, in turn, Sky takes cares of her. She would always come home from her appointments and want to sleep all day and complain of a tummy ache. Now, she comes home from appointments and wants to play with Sky or just sit with her and watch cartoons (which is still a step up from sleeping all day!). To see that change, it is immensely heartwarming.

We have had two separate Make-A-Wish® experience – the first was with my older brother Juan years ago. Both times have been immensely different and, yet, full of so much love and warmth from everyone involved. Seeing how many people cared about the happiness of my siblings is a blessing. These are the experiences born from hardships and rough days, and the people who completely understand those rough days pulling all the strings to make something bright and positive to break through and completely change people’s lives.

Make-A-Wish Michigan takes something as simple as “I want a puppy” and delves deep into how they could make the experience as perfect as possible. Our lives have been completely changed, not only because of the newest addition to the family, but also because we have seen how much people care for Jade. Make-A-Wish is an organization of people who love people. People who want to make the best of whatever kind of situation you’re in and find all the ways to accommodate you and your family. Everyone involved was so caring and loving, all for the shared purpose of giving the best day ever to our little girl.

Make-A-Wish Michigan takes something as simple as 'I want a puppy' and delves deep into how they could make the experience as perfect as possible. ”

— Rubi, wish sister

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