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Adrienne's Wish Marks a Milestone

Wish kid Adrienne at Dolphin Therapy

“ It has had a huge impact on all of us; it recharged us. ”

- Kristine, Adrienne's mom

Adrienne's uncontrolled seizure disorder makes everyday tasks like walking and talking very difficult. For a 5 year old, this can be especially frustrating.

"I think she misses being in control of her own body or being able to do things everyone else takes for granted," Adrienne's mom, Kristine, said. "She is trapped in a body that is not doing what she wants it to do. She is so very smart and knows so much, I think that is hardest for her."

Adrienne's one true wish was to go to the Island Dolphin Care and participate in the Dolphin Therapy program. The Dolphin Therapy program at Island Dolphin Care is specifically designed to aid participants with a wide array of health conditions. The program is run by licensed therapists who are well-trained and diligent in making sure the experience is as safe as is it fun for kids like Adrienne. Gliding through the water on the back of a dolphin and making handmade crafts with new friends made for an impactful experience that Adrienne adored.

"It has had a huge impact on all of us, it recharged us," Kristine said, "I feel like Adrienne is doing even better since her dolphin therapy and is ready to tackle her therapies with more energy and motivation than before."

Adrienne is still talking about the dolphins and admiring her crafts (something Kristine doesn't imagine will stop any time soon). The wish experience offered Adrienne and her family an opportunity to focus on spending time together without any distractions. It also offered something uniquely special to the family – a milestone – a "first" that wasn't spent in a hospital or waiting room. This was their first family vacation.

"We are forever grateful for this beautiful experience," Kristine said. It has touched our hearts in the most amazing way. To see that kind of joy in your child's whole being is the greatest gift of all."

To see that kind of joy in your child's whole being is the greatest gift of all ”

— Kristine, Adrienne's mom

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