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Emma's wish to be a model in New York City

Emma poses on bike

“ I've always wanted to be a model on 5th Avenue! ”

For Emma, a magical modeling trip to New York kept her spirits soaring.

Emma and her friend Rebecca couldn't wait for her wish. "We were so excited, we were counting down the days," Emma saidof her New York City modeling wish.

"The trip was fantastic, no question about it, it meant everything to her," her dad David, said. "I looked at Emma and I said, 'Not many people get to be a model in the middle of 5th Avenue, Emma!'"  Emma's mom, Linda, echoed David's sentiments, "Emma was beyond the moon. But it was such a wonderful gift for the whole family; we just can't thank Make-A-Wish enough."

For Emma, Rebecca, David, mom Linda and brother David, the trip was a welcome distraction. One day of her medicine in New York – which had to take place – slowed her down, but after that, it was all glamour. "I didn't know my hair could stay curled like that," Emma said of her stylist. "And I loved getting my makeup done!"

Emma spent the day with professional photographer Gigi Stoll who captured her complete makeover and finest runway moves on New York streets. Emma also toured New York stops that make the city famous.

The trip brought back special memories for Emma, too, "It reminded me when I was little and always used to go to New York with my great grandmother." And now she's made new memories! "I've always wanted to be a model on 5th Avenue," Emma said.

It was pretty awesome! ”

— Emma

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