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The Wish Society

The Wish Society recognizes gifts from individuals and family foundations.

The Joshua Circle ($25,000+)

John and Mary Carrier / Remember Eric- Fight Childhood Cancer
The J. Ferrantino Charitable Foundation
Jandernoa Foundation

Star of Inspiration ($10,000+)

Timothy and Michele Carpenter
Tom and Sue Den Herder
Douglas and Maria  DeVos Foundation
Eileen DeVries Family Foundation
William and Sylvia Gardner
Anna Haworth
Edward M. and Henrietta M. Knabusch Charitable Trust No. 2
Thomas Rinehart, III

Star of Joy ($5,000+)

Richard and Mona Alonzo Family Fund

Scott and Elly Bainbridge

Mimi Cummings

Dorothy U. Dalton Foundation

Brent Demicoli

The Daniel and Pamella  DeVos Foundation

The Richard and Helen DeVos Foundation

Steven and Brenda Heacock

Bill and Starr Humphries

Steven Klinsky

Christopher and Sharin LeMessurier

Nick and Cynthia Paradiso

Edward F. Redies Foundation, Inc.

Mary Schregardus

Star of Strength ($2,500+)

William and Stacy Abraham
Allegan County Community Foundation
Baiardi Family Foundation Incorporated
Scott Blackburn
Tami Bliss
Ken and Julie Booth
Sundu Brahmasandra
Scott Brew
William and Nancy Ellis
Dr. James and Gail Fahner
Thomas and Mickie Fox
John and Deanne Green
Paul and Sheryl Haverkate
Patrick Hendrickson
J.C. and Tammy Huizenga
David and Kathleen Karnes
Stella and Frederick S. Loeb Charitable Trust
Allan and Karen Lovinger
Michael and Jaimie Lomonaco
Alaina Markel
Rick and Linda Poston
Mark and Jodi Potgeter
Richard and Cindy VanGelderen
Wayne and Angela Visbeen
Ronald and Eileen Weiser
Emilee Wichtner
Aaron and Bonnie Zeigler


The Joshua Circle ($25,000+)

John and Mary Carrier / Remember Eric- Fight Childhood Cancer
The J. Ferrantino Charitable Foundation
George B and Mary Elizabeth Smith

Star of Inspiration ($10,000+)

Myrtle L. Atkinson Foundation
Karl and Patricia Betz
Mimi Cummings
Tom and Sue Den Herder
Douglas and Maria DeVos Foundation
Eileen and Brian DeVries Family Foundation
Dresner Foundation
Thomas and Carla LaBret
William and Marlene Emerson
The Michael F. McManus Foundation
Oliver Dewey Marcks Foundation
Gerald and Starr Retzlaff Donor Advised Fund
Thomas Rinehart
Robert and Nita Seger
Arlene Strevel
Greg and Meg Willit

Star of Joy ($5,000+)

Charles and Denise Anderson
Lawrence and Denise Beaudoin
Ken and Julie Booth
Joel and Elizabeth Brown
David and Emily Buick
Rob and Kristin Casalou
Barbara Dalley
Dorothy U. Dalton Foundation
The Daniel and Pamella DeVos Foundation
The Richard and Helen DeVos Foundation
The Ferrantino Charitable Foundation
Scott Foster
Kenneth and Stephanie Goetz
Todd and Kelly Gingrass
Marlo and Nate Hanson
Matthew and Jennifer Haworth
Trista Kimber
John E. Klobucar and Joseph D. Klobucher Foundation
Edward M. and Henrietta M. Knabusch Charitable Trust No. 2
Dennis and Susan Krucker
Christopher and Sharin LeMessurier
Lorie Lipari
Buzz and Lisa Miller
Nick and Cindy Paradiso
Helen Patrisso
John and Jean Patry
John and Judith Pendell
Edward F. Redies Foundation, Inc.
Ryan Robinson
Mark and Lillian Schostak
Nikolas Sellers
Carl and Diane Sierakowski
Roger Walker

Star of Strength ($2,500+)

William and Stacy Abraham
Bruce C. Abrams Family Foundation
Allegan County Community Foundation
Baiardi Family Foundation Incorporated
James Barr
Battle Creek Community Foundation
Dorothy Bingham
Scott Blackburn
Jason and Rebecca Calverley
Anthony Carollo
Michael and Lynne Chittenden
Leonardo DeSouza
Dr. James and Gail Fahner
John and Melynda Folkert
Thomas and Mickie Fox
Robert French
Dan and Lou Ann Gaydou
William and Susan Graham
Paul and Sheryl Haverkate
Dave and Kathleen Karnes
John and Nancy Kennedy
Chris Klebba
John and Heather Lallo
Sarvy Lipari
Stella and Frederick S. Loeb Charitable Trust
Marilyn Melia
Scott and Kim Miles
Frederick and Stephanie Miller
Megan Nedow
Jenna Osgood
Manthan and Renu Pandit
Joel and Pamela Pawelczyk
Steve and Amy Perna
Jonathan and Kimberlee Pope
Dr. Rick and Linda Poston
Dr. Daniel and Nicole Robertson
Robert Rollinger
Paul and Lynn Salloum
Natalie Simon
Philip and Francesca Sobeck
Kenneth and Stacy Stanecki
Scott and Margaret Stoken
Jeffery and Christine Strain
Michael Surnow
Brian Sylvain
Richard Teets
Brad Upton
David and Susan Van Elslander
Richard and Cynthia VanGelderen
Abby VanGheluwe
Wayne and Angela Visbeen
Clary and Laura Walker
Ronald and Eileen Weiser
Peter and Kimberly Whitsett
Eric Williams
Amy Yamasaki and Holly Fischer

Star of Hope ($1,000+)

Patti Aaron
Brett Able
Mohommed Abraham
David Albright
Richard and Monda Alonzo Family Fund
Gerard and Lizbeth Anderson
William Apple
The Michael T. Assarian Foundation
Krishna and Vandana Baddam
Scott and Elly Bainbridge
William Bartloff
David Beebe
Lee and Carolyn Benjamin
Elisa Bergonzoni
Mandell and Madeleine Berman
Cheryl Bernhardt
Dr. Thomas and Teresa Bouwens
John and Deborah Braganini
Avi and Beth Brandvain
James Branski
Greg Brown
Keith Brownlee
Ronald Brtant
Wayne and Jennie Bryan
William and Toni Bufe
Eric and Laurie Burgoon
Allan and Karen Burley
Jerry Busche
Nick Busche
Greg and Carlin Bylsma
Antonio Calderoni
Jason Calverley
Marla Canvasser
Brian and Jennifer Chaltry
Carol Anderson Christian
Gary and Lynette Clark
Gleaves Whitney and Mary Eileen Cleary
James Coffee
Aubrey Cohoon
Tim Cole
John and Debra Coll
James Coon
Philip and Kim Curtis
Jeff D'Ambrosio
Paul D'Angelo
Salvatore D'Anna
Jiehan Dabish
Antonia Dallier
Dr. Jerry Dancik
Matthew and Kay Daraskavich
Carey and Peggy Dassatti
Matthew and Katie Den Herder
Art Dermer
Andrew Dibble
Gerald Diez
Ron and Andrea Dillion
Geoffrey and Carol Dingler
Timothy and Mary Driver
Dr. Stephen Drukker
Theodore and Alafair Dusseau
Mayrie Eckermann
Marc and Carin Edelstein
Larry and Trudy Ehlers
William and Nancy Ellis
Michael and Catherine Emerson
Jordan and Paul Endurance
Chris Evans
Scott and Anessa Fehsenfeld
Chris Fennema
Jonathan Finnegan
Kerri Flores
James Fowler
Dave Franks
Mark Gazan
Wendy Geerligs
Mark and Debbie George
Jessi Goldner
Spero and Nancy Gousetis
Kenneth Grabowski
Robert Green
Aaron Grusecki
David Guz
Anthony Gwaltney
Robin Hages
Dr. Mark and Amy Haimann
Chris and Betsy Haller
Dr. Mazen and Marian Hamameh
Amy Hanley
Karen Hansen
Todd Heavin
Robert and Janet Helman
William Hoffer
Bruce Hoffman
Dina Fera Hofmann
Kathryn Holmes
William Holmes
Wendy Holmes
W.B. Pete Hopkins
Justin Hornburg
Carol Hoyt
Robert Humphries
Jean Hunter
Jeffrey Hunter
Linda Jacobson
Susan Jakobcic
Sidney and Sharin Jansma
David and Linda Johnson
Laura Johnson
Rhyan Johnson
Sheri Johnson
Ryan and Amy Jones
Gary Jonna
Marjorie and Maxwell Jospey Foundation
Michael and Wendy Jurosek
Jim and Ginger Jurries Foundation
Robert and Susan Kanda
Todd and Kristine Kane
Angela Kangas
Richard and Betsy Keidan
Jenna Kessler-Makowski
Marisa Kettner
Paul and Daphne King
Jody and Lisa Koenemann
Susan Kornfield
Thaddeus and Teri Kozlowski
John Kraus
Tony Lajeunesse
Lois Lamb
Dr. Scott and Margaret Lancaster
Andrew Lawlor
Harold and Cheryl Lear
Dr. Chris Leisz
Jennifer Lewallen
Michael Lewis
Scott and Karen Lewis
Thom Lipari
Thomas and Connie Lipari
Michael and Jaimie Lomonaco
Martin and Carol Malone
Ronald Martin
Tracy Mavel
Kathleen McCann
Patricia McCormack
Matt McDonald
Michelle Mendenhall
Phil and Martha Menerick
Marc and Judi Metzger
Charles and Kathy Miesch
Crystal Miles
Harry and Sharon Miller
David and Karen Mitchell
Ronald and Karen Modreski
Robert Mohr
Molitor Family Foundation
Michael and Rachel Mraz
Jillian Murphy
Michael Nacarato
Daniel Neher
Tom and Renee Niles
Thomas Norris
James Nyeste
Scott and Mary Nykerk
Jenna Overby
Mike Parisi
John and Ginger Patera
Mike Path
Trevor Pavlik
Fran Petonic
Kathryn Potchynok
Kristina Price
Timothy and Sonja Quinn
Charles and Amanda Ratliff
Gregory Renker
Steve Repasch
Jerome and Irene Reske
Michael Reuter
The Elmira L. Rhein Family Foundation
Bryan Rief
Gregory Riley
The Sigmund and Sophie Rohlik Foundation
Bruce H. and Rosalie N. Rosen Family Foundation
Michael Rotelle
Lisa Rozum
Jerry and Marion Rozum
Keith Saagman
Noriyuki Sakuma and Phoebe Barnuevo-Sakuma
Daniel and Deborah Schreiber
David and Deborah Scroggie
Denise Sheeders
Sharon Shuttle
Rob Simpleman
Todd and Beth Sinclair
Mark and Mary Sobeck
Kimberly Sprik
Denise Starr
Dr. David Steinberg
Timothy and Melissa Styles
William and Marilyn Swanson
Eileen Sweeney
Thomas Sylvester
Nicolaos and Christine Tapazoglou
Tina Terrill
George Thanopoulos
David and Linda Thibodeau
Stacey Thompson
Patrick and Kerry Thornton
Linda Torakis
Brett and Julie Turner
Christopher and Kristen Vander Hoff
Roger and Jacquelyn VanderLaan
Daniel and Marie Vaneerden
Michael Verploegh
Angelo and Colleen Vitale
Harold and Lori Voorhees
Robert and Rebecca Wang
Gary Warda
Mike and Alice Weaver
The Irene M. and Milton R. Weed Foundation
Tracy Weiss
Mindy Westfall
Jeremy Whiddon
Korey and Season Willi
Jeffrey and Dawn Williams
Eric and Kelly Jo Wills
William Windhorst and Julie Hoff-Windhorst
Susan Witt
Steven Workman
Todd Zielke
Donald and Lisa Ziemke

To receive a complete list of membership incentives, contact Leadership Giving Officer Ellie Wlicox, or 616.363.4607 ext 304.

To find out more about The Wish Society, please contact:

Ellie Wilcox
Director of Leadership Giving
616.363.4607 x.104


Latest Status Update

  • Wish kid Ella is headed to Oahu this month with her family on her wish trip! To send her off with fanfare, Ella's wish volunteers threw her a party at Dave & Buster's in Livonia. It was a tropical evening filled with grass skirts, a colorful cake, games and fun. A big thank you to Dave and Buster's for making the evening a special one for Ella! We hope she has an incredible time in Oahu! Aloha! #WishWednesday
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